Artist Statement:

My art has always come from a place of instinct for me, and it is never easy to write about. When I draw or paint it is like a meditation, an opportunity to fully see and appreciate the beauty and wonder around us. As a farmer (Blue Ledge Farm goat dairy, established in 2000) in Addison County, Vermont, I live surrounded by my muses—be it the landscape, animals, farms or food, I am constantly moved and inspired  by what is around me. I am fascinated by the lay of the land, by the way that light and human existence can create beautiful patterns upon the land, by the bond that we have with our livestock, who are both our friends and our livelihoods. We are all species existing in a place, in a moment in time, and art keeps me grounded and fully aware in the present. Though my time is stretched thin, and time spent painting is a precious gift, I think being a farmer gives me a unique perspective as an artist, almost an “insider’s view” on all things farm, as I live and breathe it every day. When I do sit down to paint, my life and my observations reduce down to a pure essence, and it pours onto the surface.  I hope my love for this life comes through in my work and allows to viewer to share in a moment of awe in life’s everyday moments.

Education: Bates College, 1999, cum laude. Multi-disciplinary major in Studio Art, Women’s Studies and Political Science.